New Business Solutions

We deliver value - enhancive solutions in IT and Back Office Support.
We operate a business model that focuses on creating quality deliverables, continuously anticipates client challenges and evolves accordingly to provide cutting edge solutions, thus enabling sustainability.

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About Ping Technologies

PingTech is a MSC Status Technology Company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur that focuses on Managed Services. We are continually surging forward and producing new and better ideas to succeed.

We are a group of individuals with the right mix of capabilities to translate our experiences into stepping stone to success. This gives us the ability to connect amongst teams and deliver our ideas. We believe that the sole objective of our entity is to transform today's youth into future managers creating challenging opportunities and collectively building a world class 'Brand Identity' in the global world.



Our Services


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.


Content Management System (CMS) web application.


We provide custom software devlopment to fulfill these requirement...


opening tagThis company has taken a great burden off my shoulders by handling the MAHA Video live conference. closing tag

Executive of MAHA 2010